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June 18, 2011

In our frontyard in Scarsdale we have a magnificent row of Astilbes.  Astilbes are the most beautiful of all the flowers in our yard.  They are perennials, and bloom in spectacular, bedazzling fashion each year around mid-June.  They bloom for only a short time, but make up in color and zest what they lack in longefvity.  Astilbes are like 4th of July fireworks.  They know only one thing….Celebration!  This year the Astilbes burst forth a couple of days before Carol’s death.

On Friday evening, after getting Mary Lou’s phone call about Carol, I walked on a daze outside in our backyard….trying to comprehend.  I couldn’t stop being amazed at all Carol had done in the last weeks of her life.  And I  couldn’t stop being amazed at how she left us softly and peacefully.

As I wandered into the front lawn, I saw the Astilbes.  With every bone in my body I instantly knew.  I knew that the Angels were celebrating!….celebrating Carol’s going home to Mom and Dad.   Dad’s wonderful smile stretched from ear to ear.  Mom was holding Carol in her arms, assuring her that Brooke Ray and Doug would be OK.


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