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Finishing Well…

I was privileged to work with Carol on an important family issue only 4 weeks ago. Her eagerness and compassion permeated the entire discussion. Where she was uncertain, she humbly sought clarification wanting to insure that the best care was shared with others.

I remember having to share some difficult truths and she weathered, even embraced them, encouraging me many times to share the whole story. It was truly courageous.

I remember being startled at her readiness and capacity to care. I was remembering only a few months ago where she was needing support. I truly sensed the heartfelt interest in giving back to all those that had loved and cared for her demonstratively.

I think Carol finished her living chapter so well. She was available and real and selfless. The sickness that caused so many challenges was behind her. She was victorious.

I will miss her. She added much value to this family.

With Hope,
Brad Patterson

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