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Winning for BRay’s Mom!

I think it was about two years ago, at Sectionals. BRay’s mom came to watch BRay play ultimate. BRay was on my team at the time (shout out to Classy). We had a tough game coming up. The rallying cry for our team, “Let’s win it for BRay to make her mom proud!” And we did… And BRay scored several times. It was fabulous. Her mom had a huge smile on her face and it was great to see her enjoy a sunny day despite being so ill.

I confess I didn’t know her mom well, but I know BRay is a sweet, smart, and strong woman (who is also a great frisbee player). I am sure that her mom had a great role in infusing her with these qualities. BRay- your mom may be gone but her spirit, love for life, and her values will remain with you. Use them to enjoy life and to overcome any obstacles that may come your way. (That’s how I handle the grief of the loss of my dear grandma who was always my #1 fan. I try to live my life in a way that she would be proud of as if to honor her memory. Plus I try to laugh a lot because she loved laughing and she had a wonderful laugh).

Melody Saint-Saens

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